Swanton, VT Peacock Block Fire, Jun 1901


Fire Creates Havoc in John B. Peacock's Block.

An alarm of fire at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon brought out the department to fight a blaze in John B. Peacock's block on the east side of Merchants' Row. It caught in some unknow way in Mr. Peacock's kitchen and when discovered seemed to be in the side walls. It worked its way through the partitions into the larger front part and up in the garret over the second story. Karl Prouty and Herbert Fleury scaled the ladders to the garret window with their nozzle and made their way through the darkness and smoke to the fire. Two other streams meantime were doing good service in the first and second stories, and the fire was soon under control. The building does not show much damage from the outside, but is a scene of desolation inside. The block was occupied by J. B. Peacock for his jewelry store and dwelling, in the north half, and by Martin Garland and family in the south half, while Mrs. Stowe had some things stored in the south half. Mr. Peacock had $1,000 insurance on stock and $800 on the block, and something on household goods. Martin Garland was also insured for $600.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 3 Jun 1901