Swanton, VT Robin Hood Powder Co. Explosion, Sept 1905


Swanton, Vt. Sept. 18.--One man was fatally injured and two men were seriously injured by an explosion in a pile of cartridges at the Robin Hood Powder Company today.

The three men who were injured were at work in a room in the front of the factory extracting powder from old cartridge shells. A shell, which Arthur Bean was holding, exploded, igniting the pile of powder nearby and exploded a number of shells upon which the men were working. All three men were badly burned.

The fire extinguished before it had an opportunity to spread to other parts of the building and the noise caused by the explosion was so slight the other employees in the factory were not aware that an accident had occurred.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 19 Sept 1905


Arthur Bean, who received severe burns and other injuries in a powder explosion at the Robin Hood cartridge works at Swanton, Monday, died yesterday. Two other men who were badly burned are resting comfortably and are not in a dangerous condition.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 20 Sept 1905


Robin Hood Powder Company Explosion 1905 - Men Injured

These article was never updated. Another employee died from his burn injuries in the Robin Hood Powder Company Explosion of 1905.

Edward Lewis Sevair Levick; (Son of Edward J. Levick and Rosanna Brow Levick) was born in Swanton, VT in December 1886. He was one of the three men who received severe burns and injuries. He was 18 years of age at the time of the accident and his death.

He died from the burns and injuries received on October 2, 1905. It is stated he was buried in Mount Saint Mary's Cemetery in Swanton, VT - however no grave stone has been found.

My name is JoAnne Rice. My grandmother was Susan Sophia Levick Ryan of Swanton, VT. Edward Lewis Sevair Leveick was her brother.