St Albans, VT Fire, May 1895


Fire Destroys Many Business Blocks and Residences in St. Albans, Vt.---Loss $750,000.

ST. ALBANS, Vt., May 20.---A woman was engaged in heating her curling iron over a kerosene lamp in the home of a French family near Fonda's lumber yard yesterday, when the lamp exploded and scattered the flames over the carpet, which immediately caught fire. Thus was started the most disastrous fire that ever visited a Vermont town, and which, before it had been extinguished, had burned over fifty acres, sweeping the heart of the business protion, destroying property valued at $750,000, and wiping out fifty business places and seventy-five houses all in three hours' time.

One hundred homeless families are sheltered in the churches and schools of the city. Many merchants lost their entire stocks, and most of the families burned out saved nothing. At the corner of Foundry and Kingman Streets the new United States Post Office and Custom House was situated, and a little further up Kingman, toward Main Street, stood the establishment of The St. Albans Messenger Company, publishers of The Daily and Weekly Messenger block are in ruins. The loss to the Government is $50,000. The Messenger Company property was valued at $45,000, and was insured for $20,000. The fire destroyed every building on Kingman Street, and swept up to Main Street, where it spread in both directions.

There are many losses under $2,000. Hundreds of families lose all they possessed. Citizens are taking measures for their relief.

The new Government building is nearly a total loss. The walls of the first and second stories are standing, but the roof has fallen in and the building is practically ruined. It was rapidly approaching completion, and would have been ready for occupancy by Aug.1. Something over $60,000 had been expended on the structure, which was to be occupied for a Post Office and Custom House.

The ruins cover nearly fifty acres, embracing four entire blocks, bounded by Lake and Hoyt Streets and Main and Foundry Streets. The houses destroyed were mostly new, and many were owned by the occupants.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 May 1895


St Albans Fire


St. Albans, Vt., Visited by a Disastrous Conflagration.

ST. ALBANS, Vt., May 20. – Seventy-five acres of the land of this town are covered with smoldering ruins. Practically the whole of the six business streets, with almost every building on them, are gone; and the money loss is above $1,000,000.

The fire started at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon in the lumber yard of W. B Fonda. From the lumber yard the fire made a jump of more than 500 yards to a great warehouse, and from that went to a nest of rookeries, the block bounded by Lake, Foundry, Kingman and Main streets.

The handsome new government building, not yet completed, was the next to fall and then went the furniture emporium of E. A. Morton. From this point on Main street flames swept into and up Kingman street, which was almost at once like a roaring furnace from end to end. The handsome new building and plant of the St. Albans Messenger, daily and weekly, was wiped out, and with it the state printing establishment. Then Fuller’s livery stable and a large number of horses and wagons went down.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 20 May 1895