Bradford, VT Auto Wreck, Mar 1930


Couple Believed To Be From Newton, Mass., Victims Of Accident At Bradford, Vt.

(By Associated Press)

Bradford, Vt., March 17--A couple believed to be Mr. and Mrs. George F. Wales of 15 Thurber Lane, Newton, Mass., drowned here today after their automobile went over an embankment on the Barre road and plunged into he Watts river. An automobile operator's license and an identification card in the man's clothing caused police to believe he was Wales. He appeared to be about 65 years old and the woman was about the same age. Occupants of an automobile traveling behind them were of the opinion that the woman was driving when the accident occurred. Ruts in the road surface were believed to have caused the car to become uncontrollable. It turned over several times as it went down the embankment and after striking the river submerged in about five feet of water. The bodies were removed half and hour later.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 17 Mar 1930