Vergennes, VT Business Section Fire, Jan 1846


The stores of MESSRS. B. & D. B. HOLCOMB and MESSRS, HUNTINGTON, with several offices in the same building, were destroyed by fire at 4 o'clock on the morning of the 20th inst., with most of the contents.
MESSRS. HOLCOMB saved nothing; and in addition to their large stock of goods consumed there were $12,000 in bank notes, drawn from the Bank of Vergennes, on the day previous, with which one of the partners was about to start for Boston. The most of this money was in notes of that Bank.
Some suspicions were entertained that the fire was the work of incendaries, to cover a robbery; as the money was packed in a trunk on the lower floor, and the MESSRS. HOLCOMB slept in the third story, and barely escaped with their lives.
Albany Journal.

Since the above was in type, we have received an estimate of the damages sustained by this fire, which amounts to $60,000.

Milwaukee Daily Sentinel and Gazette Wisconsin