Barre, VT Flood, Apr 1895

BARRE, Vt., April 14.---For the past thirty-six hours it has been raining steadily. The river had lowered much from Tuesday's freshet, but early this morning it began to overflow its banks. By noon nearly every granite shed was surrounded by a small lake. In nearly every basement on the riverside on Main Street the water is from 1 to 3 feet deep, and much stock has been damaged. Steam pumps are kept at work throwing water from the cellars.

The side tracks of the Central and Wells River Railroads are submerged, and engines are hauling cars from the water. The Jail branch overflowed the Green Mountain Trotting Park. Several dwellings are surrounded by water, and a swift current is running through the Granite River. Large carloads of granite have been put on the bridge of the Barre Railroad to prevent the structure being carried down stream. The oldest inhabitants say that the water is high to-night than it has been since the great flood of 1869, and it is now raining hard.

The New York Times, New York, NY 15 Apr 1895