East Berkshire, VT Fire, May 1868

Disastrous Fire in Vermont--East Berkshire Nearly Destroyed.

MONTPELIER, Vt., Friday, May 1.

A disastrous fire occurred at East Berkshire, Vt., on the night of the 29th, originating in Sherwood's Hotel, long know as the Brick House, on the east side of the street. It spread furiously north, south, and across the street, destroying outbuildings, the hotel, the residence, office and barn of Dr. SMITH, the store of W. S. RULBER & SON, the saddlery shop of JAS. R. STONE, LYMAN HART'S house, barn and carriage shop, PAUL & MOREN'S store and barns of Hon. WM. CLAPP, and two dwelling-houses owned by Mrs. CARPENTER. It is the most destructive fire ever known in a village of its size in Vermont, and has resulted in the complete destruction of the business portion of the village.

The church destroyed was the only one in the place.

MONTPELIER, Vt., Friday, May 1--Evening.

The [ineligible] East Berkshire on Wednesday night swept everything before it. Within certain limits not a building was left standing. Thirty buildings, including barns, mechanics' shops of various kinds, a hotel, stores, offices, residences, a schoolhouse and a church, were destroyed.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 May 1868