South Poultney, VT Quarry Cave In, Dec 1904

Bodies of Poultney Quarrymen, Buried by a Cave-in, Recovered

Bodies of Cave-in Victims Recovered.

The bodies of the Italian and Polander who were buried by the cave-in at the quarry of Griffith & Nathaniel at South Poultney last week Tuesday afternoon, were unearthed Monday afternoon about 5 o'clock.

The men were found lying close together at the bottom of the pit not far from where they had been working when the slide occurred. The bodies were considerably crushed but not beyond recognition. As it was dark when the remains were uncovered and they were frozen into the earth they were not taken out Monday night, but were covered and left until this morning. The funerals will be held at the Catholic church at Poultney tomorrow.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St Albans, VT 13 Dec 1904