St. Albans, VT Auto Wreck, Aug 1919

Car Turns Turtle; Woman Pinned Beneath

Mrs. M. Montgomery, of this city was seriously injured Sunday afternoon when the car which she was driving collided with the car owned by Frank S. Heisley, of Pittsburg, Penn., on the Maquam Road between Swanton and St. Albans Bay.

The accident took place on a very narrow stretch of road. Mrs. Montgomery, it is said, hearing the horn of the car behind her made and effort to drive to one side in order to let the other car pass which was being driven by Frederick W. Heisley, of Pittsburg, Penn., who is staying at the Tavern. Just as the two cars were passing each other Mrs. Montgomery it is said, seemed to lose control of the machine and hit the passing car on the rear right hand side. Her car turned over pinning Mrs. Montgomery beneath the machine. She sustained severe bruises about the body.

Mrs. Montgomery's car was badly smashed while Mr. Heisley's car continued under its own power to the city.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 11 Aug 1919