Montpelier & Barre, VT Flood, Apr 1912


Montpelier and Barre Submerged by the Swollen Winooski River.

MONTPELIER, Vt., April 7.--Swollen by melting snows in the mountains and heavy rains, the Winooski River overflowed its banks today. Main and State Streets in this city are inundated. The river tonight is rising rapidly.

The river first broke from its banks at Barre, and rushed through the streets, overflowing the sidewalks and flooding cellars. It was not until this evening that the flood struck Montpelier. Then the water poured over the flooring of the Main Street bridge and down through Main and State Streets. Both are largely business streets, although one end of State street has a number of residences. As in Barre, cellars were soon flooded and the streets made almost impassable.

Little ice is being carried by the flood, so that the damage thus far has been confined mainly to the wetting of stocks of goods in store cellars. Telegraph communication was interrupted on account of the flooding of the basement of the Western Union office.

As midnight approached the river continued to rise, and the flooded area was extended accordingly. In this city alone the damage is at least $100,000, principally on stocks of merchandise stored in basements and lower floors of the business structures.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Apr 1912