Ferrisburg, VT Fire, Aug 1919


Ferrisburg Has $25,000 Fire.

Fire, breaking out in the rear of a general merchandise store conducted by Mrs. H. W. Howliss, in Ferrisburg Center, destroyed the store, its contents, a dwelling house owned by Oilver Denyou, occupied by his family on the first floor and his son's family on the second floor, and a wheelwright shot owned by B. C. Parker. It was checked finally by the local fire department, assisted by an automobile combination chemical from Burlington, sent on request of the local authorities when the south wind fanned the flames high into the air and scattered ashes for yards around.

Where stood the store, the dwelling house and the shop now lies only a heap of charred ruins. The only things that could be saved were the household goods of the Denyou's which were taken to the homes of David St. Clair and Edwin Denyou, another son. The father and his family are now staying with the St. Clair family and the younger Denyou with his brother. Insurance was carried on the store, the shop and the Denyou house, but the loss will total about $25,000.

The Burlington fire department made the distance from their fire house to the scene of the fire, about 18 miles in just 21 minutes. The speedometer registered 60 miles per hour on the chemical and with the siren whistle wide open the entire distance the truck had nothing on the road to look out for. In fact, one man riding a bicycle heard the truck come a mile away and rode his machine right into the middle of a great field of corn, five or six feet tall and as the machine went by was standing there safe and sound, looking on in amazement.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 11 Aug 1919