Waterbury, VT Fire, Dec 1904


Building Owned by G. E. Moody Burned--Four Occupants Driven Out.

(Special to The Messenger.)

Waterbury, Dec. 13.--Fire at 8:30 o'clock this morning ruined G. E. Moody's wooden business building on Stowe st. The roof was burned off and the blaze worked its way down through the partitions so that the building throughout was so damaged by fire, smoke, and water that only the disfigured shell remains. The cause of the fire was a chimney burning out over the store of Leo Marchi, a fruit dealer, who occupied part of the building. Marchi's insurance amounted to $1,000. C. P. Daniels, grocer, lost about $500 with no insurance. William O'Brien, barber, lost about $300. O. E. Scott, jeweler, lost about $500 and has an insurance of $2,000. The building itself was insured for $5,000.

A cutting north wind was blowing and the mercury registered 6 degrees above zero when the fire alarm was sounded. The work of getting streams on to the fire was remarkably quick and members of the fire company and the citizens who voluntarily assisted them are deserving much credit. For two hours the fight with the flames was kept up, during which time the firemen suffered intensely from the cold, their condition being aggravated by the freezing of their clothes upon coming into contact with the water and spray.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St Albans, VT 13 Dec 1904