North Royalton, VT House Fire, May 1866


Fire and Loss of Life at North Royalton

MONTPELIER, Vt., Tuesday, May 15.

A fire, attended with shocking loss of life and a heavy loss of property, occurred at North Royalton, Vt., last night, upon the premises of Mr. LYMAN BURBANK. The house was occupied by Mr. BURBANK, a hired man named BALLOW, an adopted daughter of Mr. BURBANK, and Miss DICKERMAN, of Trowbridge, who was temporarily staying there. All were sleeping up stairs at the time. Miss DICKERMAN was the first to discover that the house was in flames, and immediately gave the alarm. Finding it too late to descend the stairs, Mr. BALLOW jumped out of the window and procured a ladder to enable the others to make their escape, but on returning he could see nothing of the two girls, and could only save the body of Mr. BURBANK, who had been suffocated by the heat and smoke. Nothing was afterward found of the girls but their bones. The house, together with outbuildings, containing cattle, sheep, horses and hog, were entirely consumed.

Mr. BURBANK was a drover, and was well known. The fire is reported to have originated from a defective fire-place which had been used the day previous.

The New York Times, New York, NY 16 May 1866