St Albans, VT Fire, Nov 1891



ST. ALBANS, Vt., Nov 26.----A fire, which broke out about 12:30 o'clock this morning, proved to be the most disastrous that St. Albans has known for many years. The total loss is estimated at $150,000. The flames were first seen in a small barn rented by Charles Bailey, a hackman, and situated in the rear of a store in Main Street. The wind was blowing from a northerly direction, and it drove the fire into Stroud's livery barns. Owing to the stiff breeze the fire had its own way until the stables, eight business houses, Waugh's Opera House, and several law offices were wiped out.

Sparks fell into the latticed tower of the Congregational Church above the reach of water, and in a short time the church was a mess of ruins. The roof of the Weldon House caught fire once and several buildings were in like danger.

The principal losses and insurance, so far as can be learned, are as follows: Waugh's Opera House, loss $20,000, insurance $9,000; Richardson, Twigg & Co., dry goods, loss $32,000, insurance $26,000; G. P. Twigg, clothing, loss $20,000, insurance $15,000; Congregational Church, loss $40,000, insurance $20,000; Milo, tailor, loss $2,000, insurance $1,000; Keenan, barber and billiards, loss $2,000, insurance $1,000; Jasper Rand, building badly gutted, insured for $4,000, insurance $3,000; C. H. Place, jeweler, loss $7,000, or $8,000, insurance $4,000; S. I. Stroud, stable, loss not stated, insurance on building and stock $3,300; Huntington estate, total loss on building, insurance not given; Crawley & Olmstead, grocers, loss $6,000, insurance $4,000; Mrs. William Locke, loss on furniture $4,000, insurance $2,000. Smaller losses were: L. A. Curtis, confectionery and fruit; A. P. Cross and C. D. Watson, lawyers; George Gallar, meat market; J. C. Wiley, barber; Drs. Jenne and Draper; total insurance amounting to between $4,000 and $5,000.

C. A. Harvey furniture; A. L. Weeks, boots and shoes; J. A. Bedard, clothing; W. S. Bailey, dry goods; H. C. Edson and Royce & Flinn, law offices; the Elk Club, and the Railroad Conductors' Society suffered considerable damage by fire, smoke, water or removable of goods.

The New York Times, New York, NY 27 Nov 1891