Hinesburg, VT Woolen Mill Fire, Mar 1868

Loss by the Fire in Hinesburg, Vt.

From the Burlington Free Press, March 20.

The woolen mill of DOW & BOYNTON, Hinesburg, was destroyed by fire yesterday. The fire broke out while all hands were gone to dinner, and in very few minutes the interior of the main building was filled with flame and smoke. There was no fire engine available, and the whole structure with the machinery, office and storehouse was consumed. The safe and most of the goods in the office were saved. There was in the storehouse about 60,000 pounds of wool, a portion of which was saved, some of it in a damaged condition. In the lower part of the storehouse were forty or fifty cords of wood, most of which was burned. By the well-applied energies of the citizens the buildings in the vicinity and a large quantity of wood and lumber piled around and near the mill were saved. Most of the wood belonged to other parties, being there to be worked up. The mill had been idle during most of the Winter, on account of low water, and had just been started again, with some additions of new machinery. The loss on the mill and machinery is estimated at about $20,000, and the total loss is estimated as high as $40,000. Messrs. DOW & BOYNTON had $14,000 insurance ($5,000 on buildings, $8,000 on machinery and $1,000 on stock) in five Hartford, New-York, Springfield and Albany Companies, the policies of all of which expired at 12 o'clock yesterday, a few minutes before the fire was discovered. The loss will fall heavily on the industrious and enterprising proprietors, and will be shared by many persons in the county who had wool in greater or less amounts in the mill to be manufactured into cloth.

The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Mar 1868