Salt Lake City, UT Airliner Crashes Into Great Salt Lake, Jan 1963


Salt Lake City, Utah (AP) -- The bodies of three men killed in the crash of a West Coast Airlines plane, were recovered from the cold, briny waters of Great Salt Lake Saturday.
Word of recovery of the third body came by radio from rescue workers on the west side of Antelope Island, about 20 miles west of the Salt Lake airport.
The two-engine F-27 turbo-prop airplane disappeared Thursday while on a training mission with three men aboard. The two bodies were spotted from the air late Friday near some wreckage of the plane, but darkness, snow squalls, wind and sub-zero temperatures blocked further recovery operations until Saturday.
Aboard the plane were pilots Capt. WILLIAM LOCKWOOD, Yakima, Wash.; Capt. ELMER COOK, Boise, Idaho; and R. Z. DAVIS, Seattle. DAVIS was Federal Aeronautics agency flight inspector making the flight while LOCKWOOD checked COOK out on the F-27's controls.
The wreckage was first seen late Friday as a West Coast search plane made its last pass over the area. The debris was seen in the water near Antelope Island.
A helicopter attempting to recover the bodies was nearly blown off the lake. When it returned after a brief squall had passed, there was no sign of the bodies.
All that could be seen were water soaked pillows.
WILBUR BOND, a West Coast maintenance foreman from Seattle, said: The cabin of the plane must have split wide open for those pillows and the bodies to get out."

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