Bryce Canyon, UT Plane Smashes Into Plateau, Oct 1947

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Chicago, Oct. 25 --(UP) -- United Air Lines today released the following list of occupants of a DC-6 airplane that crashed in Bryce Canyon, Utah, yesterday.
The Crew.
Capt. EVERETT L. McMILLEN, 516 S. Bayfront, Balboa Beach, Cal., pilot.
GEORGE GRIESBACH, 15803 S. Florwood, Lawndale, Cal., first officer.
HELEN F. MORRISSEY, 563 N. Heliotrope, Los Angeles, stewardess.
SHIRLEY E. HICKEY, 4401 Crest Drive, Los Angeles, stewardess.
SABINA JOSWICK, 3908 W. Olive St., Burbank, Cal., and 1635 E. 62nd St., Cleveland, O., assistant chief stewardess, UAL.
WALTER R. FOLEY, Tudor hotel, E. 42nd St., New York, employe of Pan American World Airways.
C. B. LAMBERT, JR., Princeton, N. J.
MRS. CHARLES NORTH and INFANT, Philadelphia.
DR. JOHN CEDERMARK, 23 Odengaten, Stockholm, Sweeden.
CASPAR R. RIESE, 555 S. Norden, Los Angeles, millinery manufacturer.
MRS. CASPAR R. RIESE, his wife, same address.
FRED O. MUNCH, 1631 N. Spalding, Chicago, attorney for the Air Lines Pilot association. (AFL).
DON TERHUNG, Burbank, Claif., Look magazine advertising representative.
JEFFERSON DAVIS BURKETT, 35, Chicago and Laurel, Miss., Chicago Cardinals football player.
JACK GUENTHER, New York, managing editor, Look magazine.
DON EDDY, 3061 Stanley Hills Dr., Los Angeles.
CLEMENT D. RYAN, 1120 Muirland Dr., La Jolla, Cal., department store executive and former president of Montgomery Ward & Co.
MRS. CLEMENT D. RYAN, his wife, same address.
MRS. MARK SODEN, 164 N. Euclid, Pasadena, Cal.
A. A. MURRAY, 7702 Forrest, Hammond, Ind.
MRS. A. A. MURRAY, his wife, same address.
DR. WILLIAM McDOUGALL, 1128 N. Lansdowne Ave., Lansdowne, Pa.
DR. E. C. FREY, York, Pa.
DR. LAWRENCE P. O'TOOLE, 14403 Grandmount, Detroit, Mich.
MR. SAMUEL LILIENTHAL, 5050 Marine Dr., Chicago.
MRS. SAMUEL LILIENTHAL, his wife, same address.
MR. MICHAEL LILIENTHAL, 431 N. Oakdale, Chicago, brother of SAMUEL.
MRS. MICHAEL LILIENTHAL, his wife, same address.
EDITH BLAIR, 5924 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, Cal.
D. B. HUGGARD, 802 Monroe St., Evanston, Ill.
DR. L. C. DE BERGH, Grapenhall, England.
MRS. L. C. DE BERGH, his wife, same address.
L. C. FRANCIS, 11 Severn Ave., Eastport, Md.
HARRY COHEN, 6619 Marlboro Ave., Pittsburgh.
MRS. J. R. JOHNSON, Melford, Mass.
MRS. A. HOWARD, El Cordova hotel, Coronado, Calif., wife of a marine major general.
J. L .NELSON, 1811 N. Maple, Chicago.
C. G. DAHLIN, 102 Terrace Dr., Sparta, Mich.
MRS. C. G. DAHLIN, his wife, same address.
W. H. GALVIN, 245 W. 14th St., New York, business address, Manhassett, N. Y., home address.
MISS MARJORIE NEBITT, 5541 Everett Ave., Chicago.
MR. M. SWEET, 1765 Huntington Dr., San Marino, Cal.
MRS. M. SWEET, his wife, same address.
MRS. T. BONSTRA [sic - should be BOONSTRA] and INFANT, 13340 S. Lakewood, Hynes, Cal.
MISS CECILIA DUSEK, 36113 Linfield Rd., Shaker Heights, O.
MRS. MARIE MANNING, 360 W. 785 St., Chicago.
W. P. ROBINETTE, 12820 Fair Hill Rd., Shaker Heights, O.
MRS. S. W. SMITH, Jamestown, R. I.
ARTHUR KAPITANOFF, 353 Newton Ave., Oakland, Cal.

Turner Sees Sabotage Cause
Indianapolis, Oct. 25 -- (UP) -- Col. Roscoe Turner, famous speed flier and aviation authority, said today the United Airlines transport crash in Bryce canyon, Utah, was "very likely a case of sabotage."
He said he was "certain" there could have been nothing "mechanically wrong" with the plane.
"There are many people in the world today who would like to see this country fall behind in the race for military and commercial air supremacy," Turner said.
"I feel sure there are powers in the world who are gloating over this catastrophe."
Santa Monica, Oct. 25 -- (UP) -- Douglas Aircraft said today the baggage compartment of its DC-6 plane was equipped with a regulation fire extinction[sic] system, but admitted that, as on most planes, the compartment could not be reached from inside.
Chicago, Oct. 25 -- (UP) -- J. A. Herlihy, United Airlines vice-president, said today that the firm's DC-6 Mainliners logged 3,500,000 miles of air miles before its flight 608 caught fire and ploughed into a plateau on the edge of Bryce canyon yesterday.

San Mateo Times California 1947-10-25
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Airplane Crash Bryce Canyon National Park

I was 4 years old and lived in Tropic Utah. My father saw the plane before the actual crash. He told me people were throwing baggage off the plane to make it lighter. A suitcase landed in our yard. He put me in the car and we drove up the crash site. The plane was still burning and I remember the smell of the smoke. I don't remember anyone else at the site. My father told me to stay in the car while he walked closer to the crash site. He came back to the car, but did not say anything. We returned home to Tropic. I think the sheriff came by and took the luggage. I am now 74 years old but remember the event well.

Lost on UAL Flight 608

Mr Rogers,
I'm very sorry that you lost your uncle in the horrific crash of United 608. As well, I have great sympathy to all others who lost people they loved and cared about in the crash, I'm sure your memories are of great sadness that remain in your thoughts today, so many years later.
I have been searching for a copy of your book, the lulu web address listed nothing 6 1/2 years after your comment. I can normally find used copies of most any out-of-print book through Amazon listings. I was unsuccessful. I know of some large used bookstores not far away I can physically check out hoping to find a copy.
The incident ooocured not many years after my birth in Provo Utah maybe 230 miles from Bryce Canyon, which makes the incident a little more significant to me personally. I love anything aviation related, researching the cause of air incidents is fascinating. Reading the detailed investigation reports can't be done without recognizing that there is overwhelming sadness for the loss of life.
Today we can travel by air very safely because the accidents of the past told designers how to improve passenger aircraft safety.. Every step we have taken forward is built upon the bodies passengers and flight crews. xLSaF

In answer to Paula Watkins

Hi Paula,
Sorry for such a long time between responses. I was laid up (paralyzed) and have been recovering. I am familiar with the Watkins name from listening to my Grandmother Edith Pittinger (McMillen)

Feel free to contact me at any time.

Kim Lundahl-Harpster

Capt. Everett L. McMillen

Kim, My grandfather was brother to Dora Watkins, so Everett was my 2nd cousin. I would love to contact you and your 3 sisters. Thank you.

Everett McMillan

He was my cousin. Aunt Dora Watkins McMillan was my great Aunt. I have been trying to find Sally's family. Contact me if any of you see this.

Thank you.

Archie & Luciele Murray were

Archie & Luciele Murray were my great grandparents as well!

Are you Rob's daughter?

Are you Rob's daughter? Archie and Lucille were my grandparents. MM

Capt. Everett McMillan was

Capt. Everett McMillan was the grandfather that I never knew, but had heard a few stories about the crash. I did not know the extent of the crash. I am doing some family history and have discovered a family tragety that should have been talked about more. Howerver, I suspect that the tragety was so over whelmingly painful for my mother and grandmother that talking about it was too hard. They loved and adored him, that much I did percieve.

Crash of UAL Flight 608 in Bryce Canyon National Park.

My uncle, Luther C. Francis died in this crash. My book "Lost on UAL Flight 608" is available at if anyone is interested about reading about the crash.

My mother's sister, Helen

My mother's sister, Helen Morrissey, was one of the stewardesses on this flight. I grew up hearing this story but today reading the details makes me weep. What a tragedy and great sorrow to all the families that lost loved ones.