Milford, UT Twin-Engine Plane Crash, Oct 1947


The crash of a twin-engine plane Thursday on sagebrush plains three miles northeast of Milford claimed its third victim Friday with the death in a Salt Lake hospital of ERWIN C. GARN, 20, son of MR. and MRS. WILLIAM S. GARN, 64 Whitmore ct.
MR. GARN, who lay amongst the scattered wreckage of the plane for 17 hours before its discovery Thursday afternoon, suffered severe leg injuries.
Previous victims who both died in the crash were DAVID G. GIBBS, 28, 820 W. 2nd North, pilot, and E. MYRON EICHBAUER, 38, 470 9th ave., copilot.
In Poor Condition.
MRS. MARK G. NISONGER, 1038 Logan ave., sister-in-law of MR. EICHBAUER, the fourth passenger was battling for life in the LDS hospital where she was reported in "poor" condition late Friday with a compound leg fracture, a broken jaw and other injuries.
JOE BERGIN, state director of aeronautics, and E. E. HUGHES, senior aeronautics inspector, who conducted a thorough investigation of the wreckage Friday morning, said the plane had been flown into the ground at a "high rate of speed and it disintegrated."
MR. GIBBS, discharged from the army in July, 1943, had many flying hours to his credit, and had recently organized the American Air Transport, Inc.
Refueled at Milford.
The plane had refueled at Milford and had taken off on the next leg of a pleasure trip to Las Vegas, Nev., about 12:30 a.m. The crash occurred between the highway and the Union Pacific Railroad Co. tracks a few moments later as evidenced by MR. GARN'S watch which had stopped at 12:30.
MR. GARN and MRS. NISONGER received emergency treatment at the Milford hospital where they were aided toward recovery by the dramatic arrival at 1:10 a.m. Friday of a national guard plane carrying blood plasma and other medical supplies under orders from Brig. Gen J. WALLACE WEST. The patients were transferred to Salt Lake City in the plane which was piloted by Maj. ALMA G. WINN and Capt. LOWELL FRY.

The Salt Lake City Tribune Utah 1947-10-25


My friend us a grandson of

My friend us a grandson of mister Gibbs. He us searching for the wrecked plane. Dies anyone know where the crash site is? Thanks in advance.

Milford Crash 1947

My Grandpa was flying that plane. Does anyone know where I can find the exact coordinates of the crash?