Eureka, UT Coal Mine Cave-In, Sep 1914


Eureka, Sept. 17. -- A cave-in in the Oklahoma slope of the Continental-Eureka mine shortly after 3 o'clock this afternoon hopelessly buried twelve miners. At 8 o'clock tonight the body of JOHN KNIPE was found near the edge of the slope covered but lightly with dirt. At midnight the body of JACK HEWSON was recovered from a spot near where KNIPE was found. HEWSON was buried under a mass of ore and timber. Both men had probably been instantly killed by the concussion that followed the cave-in. In addition HEWSON'S neck was broken.
The rescuing parties say that it is absolutely useless to hope to rescue any of the men alive and at first it was generally believed that none had even survived the cave-in. However, shortly before midnight faint tapping was heard coming from the slope, indicating that someone was alive.
The tapping only added to the general horror of the situation, because of the impossibility of rescue and it is thought that the men or men, who are still alive will have smothered before rescue can be effected. All air pipes were broken by the cave-in.
Thirteen men had entered the slope with the day shift. JOHN WICK, a Finn, escaped. He attributes his escape to the fact that he is superstitious and says that he had a "hunch" when the lights went out. He dropped his wheelbarrow and ran into the main tunnel. The concussion knocked him down, but he was uninjured.
Those who were caught in the accident are:
EDWARD ALLEN, 32 years, married.
THOMAS BOTTRELL, 28 years, married.
JACK HEWSON, married.
JOHN KNIPE, single.
BERT LOSSEE, 28, years, married.
EARL. D. BRISON, 27 years, married.
FREDERICK SUNQUIST, 42 years, married.
MIKE ROSA, 47 years, married.
JACOB TIMPERELLA, 25 years, married.
KURT ZIERROLO, 42, years, married.
The exact cause of the cave-in has not been determined.

Ogden Standard Utah 1914-09-18


Eureka mine disaster 1914

I have search for a long time to find information on this disaster. My Uncle was killed in the disaster and although his name is misspelled I know it is him. His name was Edmund James Borwick but was reported as Edward Barrick. Thank you. I now know when and how he died and just hope he did not suffer too much.