Naruna, TX Train Collision, June 1890


Gainesville, Tex., June 17. -- While the east bound passenger train on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas road was stopping for breakfast at Naruna, it was run into by a special train and generally demolished. Severl persons were bruised and two were fatally injured -- J. A. VANWORSE, of Henrietta, and W. J. CAIN, of Marietta, I. T. (Indian Territory) The regular train had ten minutes in which to pull out, and the special bore down on them at the rate of thirty miles an hour. The fireman said he was shoveling coal and did not notice the front train until within about fifty feet, when he reversed the lever and jumped. The special train belonged to Division Superintendent J. W. MAXWELL, and had aboard in addition to MAXWELL, General Superintendent FRYE, of Sedalia, a division train master, the road surgeon and a number of other prominent officials who were going over the road on a tour of inspection.

Chillicothe Constitution Missouri 1890-06-18