Normangee, TX Freight Train Wreck, Apr 1952

Crash of Trains Indirectly Causes Death of Druggist

NORMANGEE, Texas, April 10 (AP)---A crash of two freight trains in which three crewmen were slightly injured early Thursday was believed to have been the indirect cause of the death of Roy Reed, 58, Flynn Druggist.

The crash occurred when a southbound Burlington-Rock Island freight train crashed into the rear of another freight train about 3 a.m. at Flynn, eight miles north of here. The Diesel locomotive of the second train was derailed and the caboose of the first train was knocked off the rails and set afire. Six other cars were also derailed.

Reed, at his home, saw the flames, and thought them to be from some butane tanks which he owned. While calling friends for help to fight the fire, he slumped over dead. Death was attributed to a heart attack.

The three crew members were only slightly injured. Their identity was not learned.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 11 Apr 1952