Malone, TX Train Wreck, Jun 1906

Boy Victims Crushed in Derailment

I.G.N. Freight Cars Are Burned After Crashing on Bridge.

Doctor Is Killed

Physician and Another Boy Die in Other Accidents.

Special to The News.
Malone, Hill Co., Texas, March 28.-Believed to have been “riding the blinds.” three Kosse (Limestone County) youths were killed early Sunday when a freight train on the International-Great Northern was derailed on a bridge a mile south of here. The dead are:


Their bodies, none of them burned, were found in the wreckage of the train, No. 56, twelve cars of which were damaged by fire. The bodies were not found until 6 a.m., several hours after the crash. Two of the bodies were thrown clear of the wreck and one was pinned under a truck until the arrival of a wrecker.

Identification Established.

Identification of the bodies was established upon the arrival here of the fathers of the Gidden and Freeman boys. The bodies of all three were sent to Kosse for burial.

The youths were huddled in between the cars and are believed to have been caught underneath one of the cars as it turned over.

Believe Boys on Lark.

Each of the boys comes from a family well known in this section and are believed to have boarded the train for a lark.

Train No. 56 was northbound from Houston to Fort Worth when the derailment occurred. A crew of repairmen was sent to the scene to clear the track. It was believed the line will be open by 10 p.m. Sunday.

Trains over the International-Great Northern line between Waco and Malone were routed via Hubbard and over the Trinity and Brazos Valley and the Cotton Belt tracks until the trackage [sic] is cleared.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Mar 1926