Arthur City, TX Tornado, Apr 1927

One Killed, Twelve Hurt In Tornado

PARIS, Texas, April 19 (Sp.) - Robert Craven was killed, and twelve other persons were injured and considerable property damage was caused by a tornado that swept Arthur City, fifteen miles north of Paris, on Red River, at 12:30 o'clock this (Tuesday) morning.

Wire communications with that part of the county was interrupted by the storm and it is impossible to determine the full extent of the storm. So far as is known at this time, the damage was confined to the immediate vicinity of Arthur City.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 Apr 1927


One Killed as Tornado Razes Arthur City

Score of Buildings Destroyed in Lamar County Town.

PARIS, Texas, April 19 (Sp.) - A score or more of buildings, nearly every one in Arthur City, on Red River north of here, were razed by a tornado which struck the town at 12:30 o'clock Tuesday morning, yet only on person was killed and two badly injured. All the other citizens of this place had narrow escapes as the twister swept through the heart of the little river town of some 250 persons.

J. T. Craven, 65 years old, was found dead after the storm, but his death is attributed to heart failure, as there were no wounds on his body. Mrs. E. W. Record was badly bruised and cut, but not seriously hurt, when her home was demolished. Charlie Ghio also was injured when his home collapsed; Lee Fisher, who lives near Arthur City, also was badly hurt.

The storm cut a swath about 200 yards wide across the town, then raised on the very outskirts and dipped again a mile and a half east of Fort Towson, Ok., where a family was reported killed.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 20 Apr 1927