Big Foot, TX Tornado, Apr 1927

Eleven Injured at Big Foot.

San Antonio, Texas, April 19 (AP) Eleven persons were known to have been more or less seriously injured when a miniature tornado descended on the Big Foot community in Frio County south of Devine, about 7:30 o’clock Monday night.

MR. and MRS H. G. YOUNG, their seven children and MR and MRS J. L. CAVENDER, visitors, were buried beneath the ruins of the Young home when the twister struck. All miraculously escaped with their lives, suffering only minor injuries with the exception of Mr. Young, who received several broken ribs and a broken collar bone.

A description of the tornado was given Tuesday by MRS. YOUNG, who with her husband and six of her children, was brought here to the home of her step-parents.

The storm struck just as they finished supper, she said, and the house collapsed about them.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 20 Apr 1927