Lubbock, TX Storm & Lightning Strike, Apr 1926

Lubbock man Is Killed by Lightning Bolt

Special to The News.

Lubbock, Texas, April 20,- J.H. BURROUGHS, 60 years old, pioneer pure seed breeder and director of both the State and local Texas Farm Bureau Cotton Association, was struck by lightning early Tuesday morning and instantly killed at his home, about twelve miles west of Lubbock.

The bolt is thought to have hit the top of his head and passed through his body to his right heel, as the top of his cap was burned out and the heel of his right shoe was knocked off. BURROUGHS was in his granary, 100 yards from the house, when struck. He was found by his wife, who had missed him and who had also felt the shock of the lightning bolt. JAMES BURROUGHS, son, was in another barn, about fifty yard from the one in which his father was struck, and was stunned by the shock for a time, but was not injured.

BURROUGHS was one of the most successful farmers of Lubbock County. He came here eleven years ago from Robert Lee, Texas, where he was Sheriff of Coke County.

No funeral arrangements have been made.

He is survived by his wife and eight children. The children are Mrs. Pearl Barnes, Dawn; James Burroughs, Mrs. G.F. Sels, Opal, Orville, John, Myrle and Alexander, all of Lubbock County.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 21 Apr 1926