Spade, TX Girls Drown in Storm, Apr 1926

Two Little Girls Killed In Texas Cloudburst

Waters Tear Six-Year Old From Mother

Another Girl Found Dead in Parent’s Grasp When Waters Pass.

Rain, varying from cloudburst to half an inch precipitation, fell over West, Northwest and Southern Texas Monday night and Tuesday. In some sections it was accompanied by a violent wind.

SUSIE ELIZABETH WILSON, 6, and ROSIE GERTRUDE WILSON, 4, were drowned on a ranch in the Sweetwater section after water sweeping down a gulch drove them and their mother from a storm cellar. One of the girls was drowned in her mother’s arms, while the body of the other was found Tuesday half a mile away.

Two Children Victims.

By The Associated Press.
Colorado, Texas, April 20.-One of the heaviest cloudbursts recorded in Mitchell County for many years, swept the Spade section, southwest of Colorado, Tuesday, taking a toll of two persons drowned and thousands of dollars of damage to property.

SUSIE ELIZABETH, 6 years old, and ROSIE GERTRUDE, 4 years old, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Wilson of near Spade, were drowned in flood waters which inundated a wide area in vicinity of the Wilson home. Noting the approach of a threatening cloud, Mrs. Wilson took her four small children and sought refuge in the family storm cellar. She had been in the stormhouse but a short time when the cloud broke and immediately the countryside was a deluge of running water. When water began to rush into the cellar the mother grasped her four children and attempted to return to the home, a short distance away.

Torn From Mother’s Arms.

Blinded by the driving storm of rain and hail, she lost her way and wandered into a gulch to be carried off in a swift current. Mrs. Wilson kept hold on the four children, determined to save them at all odds. When they were lodged against a tree, Mrs. Wilson saw the oldest child swept from her grasp by the mad current. Still she held to the other three and worked for almost an hour to save them.

When found by a party of rescuers ROSIE GERTRUDE was dead in her mother’s arms. The body of the other child was found in a tree half a mile down the gulch. Mrs. Wilson is reported by her physician as being in a serious condition from exposure and the nervous shock.

The Colorado River is on the largest rise recorded at Colorado in eighteen months. The stream was up between seven and eight feet Tuesday afternoon with a gradual increase in volume of water noted.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 21 Apr 1926