Weinert, TX Auto Wreck, May 1936

Farmer and Clerk Die As Their Cars Collide

HASKELL, Texas, May 31 (AP). - Henry Hartsfield, Haskell farmer, and W. R. Wood, Canadian dry goods clerk, were killed instantly when their automobiles sidewiped [sic] north of Weinert late Saturday. Both men's necks were broken and Hartsfield's body was mangled as it was thrown thirty feet.

Wood was on the way to the home of his father-in-law, W. E. Johnson, south of Haskell, to meet Mrs. Wood, who had been visiting her parents. Hartsfield had been in Weinert contracting for grain harvesting.

Hartsfield is survived by his wife and several children. Wood had no children. Wood will be buried at Canadian. Arrangements for Hartsfield's funeral were indefinite pending arrival of relatives.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 1 Jun 1936