Vega, TX Train Wreck, Jan 1913


Several Injured When Rock Island Train Splits Switch at Vega.


Fireman and Brakeman, Both of Amarillo, Are Only Ones Dead.

By Associated Press.

AMARILLO, Jan. 11. - Two men were instantly killed and several others more or less seriously injured, when an extra eastbound Rock Island train split a switch at Vega, just east of Amarillo, this morning.

The dead are: T. J. Holt, fireman, and J. J. Stinson, brakeman, both unmarried and living in Amarillo.

Other members of the train crew live in Amarillo but have not reached here. Passenger trains are being detoured via the Santa Fe.

The scene of the wreck is only a few miles east of Amarillo on the El Reno division of the Rock Island. The dead and injured will be brought here. How many were hurt could not be ascertained here at noon nor the extent.

The severe cold is held responsible for the accident, which was similar to some extent to that of the Santa Fe near Gainesville a few days ago.

Wreck Reported Here.

Reports in Vice President Jones' office in Fort Worth regarding the accident at Vega, were meager up to noon. The first messages stated that two were killed - the fireman and the brakeman. The engine turned over on them. The brakeman at the time was riding in the cab of the locomotive. No information about the number of injured was received.

The Fort Worth Star - Telegram, Fort Worth, TX 11 Jan 1913