Rockdale, TX Little River Drowning, Apr 1955

Bodies Sought At Rockdale

Search for the bodies of two former Abilenians (sic), believed drowned Monday afternoon near Rockdale, CONTINUED Tuesday night in the waters of Little River.

At 9 p.m. Tuesday local relatives were advised by telephone from Rockdale that the bodies still hadn’t been found. Every available person was aiding in the search.

Believed drowned are CHESTER RAY KLEPPER, 7 – year – old son of Mr. and Mrs. IRA FOY KLEPPER of Rockdale; and A. A. HANEY, about 50, also of Rockdale.

Both families moved from Abilene to Rockdale in October, 1953, a friend here said.

Mr HANEY and the little KLEPPER boy’s father formerly worked here for West Texas Utilities Co. Since moving to Rockdale they have been employed by another power company.

The KLEPPER lad’s paternal grandfather, JOE KLEPPER lives at 1125 Grape St. His maternal grandmother, Mrs. C. G. MCCLURE, resides at Caps. The boy has a younger brother, also named JOE KLEPPER; and a number of (illegible) great – aunts and great – uncles in this area.

Mr. HANEY has a wife, one son, RICHARD, both of Rockdale, and several brothers and sisters. One brother, IRA HANEY, lives in Abilene.

The apparent drowning happened Monday afternoon as members of the HANEY and KLEPPER families were fishing in Little River, about eight miles northeast of Rockdale

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 13 Apr 1955


Klepper Boy Drowning

My brother and I were playing with Chester Klepper, when his Dad came outside and was leaving to go fishing,we lived on the corner of Charles St. & W. Bell. As he was running from our house to his,we were begging him to stay and play. I remember him in the middle of W. Bell Ave., when he turned and hollered," I got to go fishing with my Dad." Then, it didn't seem very long, all of the neighbors were coming outside. Most were going to the Klepper's yard. My Dad left to go search for the missing (He was a Vol. Fireman).