Fort Worth, TX Carriage Runaway at a Funeral, Mar 1911


Cab Driver May Die---Tax Collector Bob Davis Rendered Unconscious.

John Peterson, a cab driver, 500 East Fourth street, received injuries that may prove fatal, and County Tax Collector Bob Davis was seriously hurt in a runaway in the Mount Olivet cemetery Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock, following the funeral of Burt Mills.

Peterson was in the act of closing the doors of his carriage after a number of the pall bearers had climbed into the vehicle, when the team of spirited young horses became frightened. Peterson grabbed the line, but was thrown to the ground and two wheels of the heavy carriage passed over his chest.

Mr. Davis was the last to leave the carriage, and lost his footing. He was thrown with terrific force, his shoulder and head striking the ground. It was some minutes before he recovered consciousness, but finally was able to walk to the carriage. He belittled his own injuries and talked of the condition of the driver on his way to his home at 610 Samuels avenue. When he reached his home he again collapsed, and is still lying in a semiconscious condition. His physician says he will recover.

Peterson was still alive at 2:30 o'clock Thursday, but has a slim chance of recovery. Internal injuries have caused a number of hemorrhages.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX 21 Mar 1911