Port Arthur, TX Explosion of Tanker GULF OF VENEZUELA, Apr 1926

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The names of 22 members of the crew who died in the disaster as announced by Capt. CHARLTON are:
R. TWEEDELE, seaman, Chester, Penna.
R. C. RASMUSSEN, seaman, Norway.
E. HOFFMANN, seaman, Germany.
C. A. KOSER, seamen, Collingswood, N. J.
F. LARSEN, seaman, Sweden.
PETER LOOP, seaman, address unknown.
CHRIS VANVIK, seaman, address unknown.
JOHN DAHL, seaman, address unknown.
C. NORDWALL, seaman, address unknown.
M. LEELMISH, seaman, address unknown.
H. SCHICK, first pumpman, address unknown.
J. FOSS, second pumpman, address unknown.
R. KELLY, machinist, address unknown.
C. N. WAECHTER, doorkeeper, address unknown.
N. STEWART, oiler, address unknown.
H. BREMSER, oiler, address unknown.
E. HELLAND, fireman, address unknown.
JOHN F. LOPEZ, chief cook, address unknown.
G. A. SILVA, second cook, address unknown.
C. PROUDFORD, messman, address unknown.
HERBERT LUMBER, messman, address unknown.
D. MORRISON, messman, address unknown.
DANIEL FITZPATRICK, wiper, address unknown.

Those listed above with addresses unknown are recorded at New York offices of the Gulf company's marine department, with which the local Gulf marine officials are now making a check.

Ten injured are in Mary Gates hospital where they are under medical attention, at least three of them being expected to die. The three thought fatally injured are:
BOWEN HARWELL, 124 Sixth street, Port Arthur, dock worker.
JULIUS EDWARSON, ship's carpenter, Norway, probably fatally burned.
TIMOTHY FITZMAURICE, 21 Bay street, Dorchester, Mass., perhaps fatally injured and burned.

The other seven in the hospital who have good prospects of recovery but are none the less seriously burned are:
P. F. MORRELL, 13 Whittier street, Portland, Maine.
BERT FRAZER, 800 Ninth street, Port Arthur, burned on head, body and arms.
FRANK WOOD, 1947 Procter, Port Arthur, second mate; burned about head, neck and legs.
L. W. M'FADDIN, 210 Third street, Port Arthur, burned about hands.
GUNNAR BOLLVICK, 25 South street, New York City, burned and bruised.
J. G. SCHULTZ, 3631 West Reese street, Philadelphia, 3rd assistant engineer.
CONRAD JACKSTEAD, chief engineer, 136 North First street, Philadelphia.

The Port Arthur News Texas 1926-04-12