Port Arthur, TX Explosion of Tanker GULF OF VENEZUELA, Apr 1926

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The vessel was one of the largest in the Gulf Co.'s fleet of tankers. Being of 4276 tons register and having capacity of 85,000 barrels. At the time of the explosion she was being loaded with a full cargo of high test gasoline and only ten minutes more time would have been required to finish the pumping on of the cargo.

The members of the crew of the ship who were nearly all either killed or injured, were only recently welcomed into Port Arthur and greeted as heroes of the sea following their rescue of two members of the crew of a barge in the Atlantic, and thus were better known here than the average seaman.

The men, who had been drifting in a life boat in the open sea for more than 24 hours, were rescued with great risk by some of the same men who yesterday lost their lives.


Names of twenty-six men known to have lost their lives to date as a result of the Gulf of Venezuela disaster Sunday morning were made available to The Port Arthur News by Captain JOHN CHARLTON of the ill-fated ship and Gulf Refining company officials.

The names of three Port Arthur dock workers who died from injuries in the blast aboard the tanker are:
FRANK TYLER, 712 East Seventeenth street.
FRANK PETTY, 2100 Sixteenth street.
RUDOLPH FUSELIER, 848 Thirteenth street.