Arlington, TX Fire, Mar 1909

Arlington Fire Burns 3 Stores

Total Loss on Buildings and Contents Will Approximate $15,000

Carlisle Students Aid Fire Fighters

Rush From Academy and Begin Systematic Efforts to Save Property.

Fire, starting from a defective flue, leading from the Home cafe, caused a loss of approximately $15,000 at Arlington Wednesday morning. Three two-story brick buildings on South Center street, were practically destroyed, but in two instances most of the contents were saved. The stock of the People's Lumber company was saved from catching fire with difficulty.

Further destruction was prevented by consistent work by the Arlington Volunteer fire department and the student body of the Carlisle Military academy. The work of the latter was so prompt and systematic as to bring about a popular subscription toward a purse as a mark of appreciation.

When the blaze was discovered the second story of the building occupied by the cafe was filled with smoke. In these apartments were eight sleeping rooms, not occupied at the time of the fire. Some few personal effects were saved but so rapid was the spread of the flames that but little could be rescued.

The flames spread both to the east and west with the result that soon the G. E. LUTTRELL grocery store on the west, the cafe beneath and the W. G. GHORMLEY jewelry and music store on the east were all ablaze.

A general alarm was sounded at 10:15 o'clock and the Carlisle students left their studies and hurried to the fire, where they gave aid in fighting the flames.

Loss About $15,000.

The heaviest loss was experienced by Mr. LUTRELL, whose stock was valued at $8,000, with insurance to the amount of $3,500. The building was owned by J. D. COOPER and was valued at $3,500, with no insurance. Only the walls were left standing.

The loss at the Home Cafe is estimated at $1,500, with no insurance. The building was owned by GEORGE LAMPE, who valued it at $3,300 and carried insurance in the amount of $1,000.

MR. LAMPE also owned the building occupied by the Ghormley stock, which was valued at $10,000. MR GHORMLEY's loss on stock is moderate as nearly everything was moved from the burning building. A carload of pianos placed in the store Tuesday, was saved.

Above the Ghormley store were the offices of DR. J. R. COLLINS, whose loss is estimated at $500. Including a lately installed static machine; the office of JUDGE S. B. McBRIDE, whose loss is $500, including his library; the library of REV. R. S. HALL, which was valued at $300. These three losses carried no insurance.

Fire Fighters Injured.

During the fire, which continued for nearly two hours, ROBERT McKNIGHT was overcome by smoke and TOM LEE painfully but not seriously cut on the neck by falling glass. By the time of the arrival of the Fort Worth combination chemical and hose wagon and a steamer, hurried to Arlington over the interurban, the fire was under control.

Excitement was so great during the fire that goods were removed to the street and the children of the public schools ignored orders from their teachers, attending the fire in excited groups.

Several of the merchants figure their damage will be considerable from goods moved during the fire.

MRS. BECKER, whose dramatic art studio was above the Ghormley store, suffered a complete loss, which is estimated at $500. The entire furnishings and office effects in the interurban depot were removed during the fire, which was directly across the tracks.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX 10 Mar 1909