Corpus Christi, TX Storm, Oct 1912

Damage at Corpus Christi.

Special To The News.

Corpus Christi, Tex., Oct. 16.-The hurricane flag which was raised in this city this morning by the local weather bureau was lowered tonight and no unusually great damage occurred here from the high wind which reached a velocity of fifty-one miles an hour this afternoon. The raising of the hurricane flag today marks the first time that signal has been posted in the city in nine years. The wind continued steady today from the north at high velocity. The precipitation recorded here for the past twelve hours is 2.71 inches, making a total of 3.67 inches within the last thirty-six hours.

The only damage reported locally was done to the municipal wharf now under construction. Six batter posts recently occupied were destroyed and the total estimated loss to the municipal wharf is $1,000. Few small boats were demolished. The greatest damage reported in Nueces County was on Harbor Island. Wires were down to Port Arsansas (sic) and it was impossible to get a report from that town. Boats returning from the port brought information that a loss of several thousand dollars will be sustained by the terminal railroad running to Port Arsansas (sic) on account of high water. Other reported damages in this immediate section are small.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 Oct 1912