Brownsville, TX Area Storm, Oct 1912

Damage By Wind and Rain on Coast.

Precipitation At Brownsville Total Six Inches.

Fishing Vessels Are Capsized and Wrecked, Though No Loss of Lives Reported.

Special To The News.
Brownsville, Tex., Oct. 16.-Beginning at 11 o’clock last night and practically ending at dawn this morning, this city and section was visited by a severe wind and rain storm that did little more damage than to tear down signs, and move light objects, though there were hurricane warnings. The wind failed to reach hurricane proportions, the highest velocity shown at the local weather bureau being 55 miles an hour. This was recorded at 1:30 a.m. today. A private rain gauge showed the rainfall during the night to have been over six inches.

Reports from Point Isabel on the coast, twenty miles from Brownsville, stated that several buildings had been destroyed and a number of fishing vessels were capsized and wrecked. No loss of life was reported. The damage there was about $7,000.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 Oct 1912


Life Saving Station Destroyed.

Special To The News.
Galveston, Tex., Oct. 16.-The wind which struck the coast in the vicinity of Brownsville this afternoon destroyed the United States life saving station at Brazos Santiago, according to telegraphic advices received late Wednesday night by Capt. W.A. Hutchings, superintendent of the Ninth Life Saving District, with headquarters in Galveston. “The station was destroyed,” read a telegram sent by Keeper Reed, in charge of the station, “but the crew was saved. Request that you come at once.”

The station, according to Capt. Hutchings, was valued at $5,000 with another $5,000 in equipment. It is known as the Brazos Life Saving Station, and is located at Brazos Santiago, about twenty-five miles from Brownsville on the north end of Brazos Island.

Capt. Hutchings finds it impossible to leave Galveston headquarters until Friday evening, when he will go to Brownsville and arrange for temporary quarters for the life savers.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 Oct 1912