Dallas, TX Hotel Elm Fire Kills Four, Mar 1932




Dallas, March 22. (AP) -- Four men, two of them cripples were trapped in their rooms and burned to death early today when fire swept the Elm Hotel, a small second story establishment in the downtown district. Five others were injured.

The Dead.
The dead were identified as:
W. H. BODENHEIMER, 55, card writer and painter.
FRANK FISHER, 45, of Chicago, laborer.
GROVER HOBSON, cripple, unable to work.
FRANK G. GRANGER, 50, of Chicago, crippled real estate and rental worker.

The injured were:
J. W. LOPER, 48, who was seriously burned on the hands, legs and head as he slid down a post to safety.
T. HALES, 51, a peddler, who also was burned on the face, arms and hands as he slid down the post.
LIGE BURPO, 45, who suffered a broken nose and broken hand when he jumped from a window.
A. W. COOK, 35, injured by a fall down a stairway.
TOM SLOAN of Lisbon, burns about the face.
HALES and LOPER were most seriously burned.

Girl Sounds Alarm.
W. S. HUNTER, proprietor of the hotel said there were 22 occupants and all escaped except the four men who died in their rooms.

ETHEL HAZELWOOD, 11, awakened and discovered the flames. She ran from room to room arousing the other sleepers. Her father, I. L. HAZELWOOD, and his wife escaped down a stairway.

A man, who occupied a room next to the kitchen where the blaze started, attempted to flee down the stairway but found his way blocked by flames. The men burned to death were trapped in their rooms with the exception of GRANGER, who was found near a window in a room that had been occupied by LOPER and HALES.

The hotel occupied the second floor of the building. Underneath were a furniture store and a cafe, in one of which the fire apparently began.

The hotel fire was the second of the night. Five firemen were injured when two trucks collided on their was to a blaze in Oak Cliff. Several persons living on the second floor of a business building escaped unhurt.

Abilene Daily Reporter Texas 1932-03-22


Dallas, Texas Elm Hotel Fire


Dallas, Texas Hostelry Scene of Fatal Fire; Five Reported Hurt

DALLAS. Texas. March 22 -- Four persons were burned to death in a fire which early today swept through the Elm Hotel.

The dead: W. P. Bodenheimer, 55, Dallas; J. C. Granger, 50, Chicago; Frank Fisher, 40, Little Rock, Ark.; and Grover Hobson, [illegible - possibly 69] of Sheman [sic], Texas.

Thirteen other guests, including men, women and children fled to the streets clad only in night clothing.

The Circleville Herald, Circleville, OH 22 Mar 1932


Four Perish When Trapped in Dallas Hotel

Dallas, March 22 -- Four men, two of them cripples, were trapped in their rooms and burned to death early today when fire swept the Elm hotel, a small second-story establishment in the downtown district. Five others were injured.

The dead: W. H. Bodenheimer, 55; Frank Fisher, 40; Grover Hobson, and Frank G. Granger, 50.

Port Arthur News, Port Arthur, TX 22 Mar 1932


The dead are W. H. Bodenheimer, card writer and painter, Frank Fisher of Chicago, laborer, Grover Hobson, cripple, and Frank G. Granger of Chicago, crippled real estate and rental worker.

Origin of the fire was undetermined. Hazel Wood, eleven years old, who also lived in the hotel, was awakened by the fire and she and her mother gave the alarm. The rear stairway of the building was blocked by the flames. Several other guests escaped down the front stairs.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 23 Mar 1932