Dallas, TX Motorcycle Accident, Oct 1912


Miss Lucille Bowen Suffers Compound Fracture of Arm and Other Injuries as Result.

Miss Lucille Bowen, a young teacher in John Henry Brown and Cedar Lawn Public Schools, was knocked down and run over by a motorcycle about noon yesterday in front of the Cedar Lawn School Building on South Ervay and Santa Fe. Both bones of the right arm below the elbow were fractured, her right leg was lacerated and skinned and she was considerably bruised about the body. She was taken in an ambulance to St. Paul's Sanitarium, Dr. J. L. Dawson, interne [sic] of the Emergency Hospital, accompanying. Chester Jones, 18 years of age, the rider of the motorcycle, is a delivery messenger. He had a number of bruises that were dressed at the Emergency Hospital.

Miss Bowen, who resides at 1825 Fourth Avenue, had just alighted from a northbound Erbay street car. A southbound car had just passed and she walked across the street between the two. She had just cleared the tracks when the wheel struck her, the rider having made an ineffectual effort to steer clear of her. But for the glancing blow, it is said, the lady might have been killed.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 16 Oct 1912