Granger, TX Tornado, Apr 1927

Five Injured in Granger Tornado

GRANGER, Texas, April 18 (AP).-Five persons are known to have been injured, one perhaps fatally, when a tornado Monday night demolished the home of FOYD CON, four miles west of here.

The twister swept down about 10 o'clock. A hurried check revealed no others injured.

Telephone and telegraph lines in several directions are down.

A MRS. SMITH, staying with the CON family was the most seriously injured. Her leg was broken, her collar bone crushed and her head severely lacerated. MRS. SMITH's sister, whose name was not learned, also was injured, as were three members of the CON family.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 Apr 1927


Woman Killed at Granger.

GRANGER, Texas. April 19 (AP).-One woman was killed, another perhaps fatally injured and four others seriously hurt in a tornado which struck about six miles northwest of here Monday night.

MRS. FANNIE MCCUTCHEON, 80 years old, was killed outright.

MRS. J. E. SMITH, staying with the CONN family, whose farm house was demolished, is so seriously injured that little hope is held for her recovery.

Others in the CONN family were injured are FOY CONN and his wife OLA CONN, and a 2-month-old baby. The wind did considerable damage to stock and property in this section.

MRS. MCCUTCHEON was an aunt of MRS. D. W. WILCOX, wife of the chairman of the State Democratic executive committee.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 20 Apr 1927