Dallas, TX Runaway Accidents, Jun 1907


Horses in East Dallas Affected with Epidemic of Fright.

Three runaways, two of which resulted in damage and injury and all of which occurred in close consecutive order in the vicinity of Haskell avenue and Simpson street, occasioned much excitement in that neighborhood, yesterday evening about 6:30 o'clock.

A horse belonging to C. A. McClendon and attached to a light buggy, while standing at the corner of Haskell and Simpson, became frightened and started south on Haskell. A horse attached to a light wagon and belonging to E. D. Yeargan started running in the opposite direction, but was stopped by Mr. McClendon, who was able to reach this horse, but not his own animal. The top of the buggy belonging to Mr. McClendon was knocked off and his buggy overturned. The horse ran with the overturned buggy south on Haskell for over a block and was then stopped. The horse was hurt, but not seriously.

Immediately following this the mules attached to a sand wagon became excited and began running north on Haskell from the place where the runaway horse had been stopped. The driver of the wagon, J. C. Henshaw, was shaken from his seat and dragged on the ground, sustaining painful, but not serious, bruises. His team was stopped by the daring of a young man at the corner of Haskell and Elm. The injured man was taken into Garretson's drugstore and there attended by Dr. T. A. Summers. No damage or injury of any moment was suffered by the mules or the wagon.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 Jun 1907