Mineola, TX Car Wreck, Mar 1936

Govenor Allred's Sister Killed in Car-Truck Crash

Mrs. W. B. Stokes, 26, of Gladewater Dies in Arms of Her Husband on Way to Hospital

Funeral at Bowie

Impact Carries Sedan 70 Feet and It Collides Against Bridge Pillar

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MINEOLA, Texas, March 21.---Mrs. W. B. Stokes, Jr., 26, sister of Gov. James V. Allred, was killed instantly Saturday afternoon in an automobile-truck collision near Crow, twelve miles east of here. The couple lived at Gladewater.

J. R. Johnson, 30, of Route 8, West Dallas, was charged with negligent homicide and placed in the county jail at Quitman. He made a statement to County Attorney Bascomb Gist and bond of $2,000 was set. Johnson is an employee of a Dallas oil company.

The impact between the light sedan in which Mrs. Stokes and her husband were riding and the oil truck carried the sedan seventy feet before it crashed against a bridge pillar.

Husband Relates Tragedy.

The young husband told of the accident, which occurred as they were on their way to Fort Worth to attend the Fat Stock Show.

"I saw the gasoline truck as our car neared the bridge," Stokes said. "Then there was a crash and my wife was pinned in. It took a long time to get her out. Finally a passer-by provided a car and we started toward Mineola. But the car had a governor and couldn't go fast. I finally stopped and got in a farmer's car."

Mrs. Stokes died in her husband's arms before they reached a hospital in Mineola.

A mass meeting of Mineola citizens headed by John Cowan, editor, adopted resolutions late Saturday demanding the State Highway Commission investigate the manner in which trucks operate on Texas highways.

Resolutions adopted urged the Highway Commission take steps immediately to regulate and control all trucks operate on Texas highways.

Resolutions adopted urged the Highway Commission take steps immediately to regulate and control all trucks traversing not only United States Highway No. 86 and State Highway No.15, which pass through Mineola, but all other highways on which trucks are numerous.

Allred Flies to Tyler.

The resolutions asked that the commission inquire particularly into the schedules of companies operating trucks and the working hours of their employees as a measure of protection for Centennial tourists expected to visit the State this summer.

Governor Allred flew to Tyler from Austin in a chartered plane and arranged for funeral services to be held at Bowie, Monatgue County, the family home, Sunday at 4 p.m. He will accompany the body to Bowie early Sunday night. He originally was scheduled to speak Saturday night at the Beaumont gridiron dinner.

Raymond Allred, another brother of the victim, arrived by plane at Tyler from Fort Worth. O. H. Allred drove from Fort Worth to Bowie to advise Mr. and Mrs. Renne Allred, their parents, of the tragedy.

Mrs. Stokes, the former Hazel Elizabeth Allred, was married in the Governor's Mansion March 2, 1935. She was graduated from the University of Texas. Her husband is a son of Dr. and Mrs. William Byard Stokes of San Antonio.

Surviving besides her husband, her parents and the Governor are a sister, Mrs. Jeff Christian of Fort Worth, and four brothers, O. H. Allred of Fort Worth, Raymond Allred of Longview, Renne Allred, Jr. of Tyler and Ben P. Allred of Dallas.

Funeral services at the Bowie Methodist Church will be conducted by the Rev. Patrick Henry, Christian minister of Fort Worth, assisted by the Rev. O. P. Kiker, pastor of the First Methodist Church of Bowie, and the Rev. A. C. Turner, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bowie.

Mrs. Stokes was a native of Bowie and was graduated from the Bowie High School in 1926 as salutatorian of her class. She was editor of the school paper, president of the pep squad and a member of the debate team which won county and district honors.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 22 Mar 1936

Funeral for Sister Of Allred Attended By Throng of 5,000.

BOWIE, Montague Co., Texas, March 22 (AP).---Five thousand persons from over Texas gathered Sunday at funeral sever ices for Mrs. W. B. Sotkes[sic] Jr., youngest sister of Gov. James V. Allred.

Visitors overran the little town and when the services began at 4 p.m. the area for blocks around the First Methodist Church was crowded with those who could not get inside the building.

Mrs. Stokes was killed in an automobile accident near Mineola Saturday. Her husband, although injured in the same crash, was able to attend the funeral.

Officiating was the Rev. Patrick Henry, Christian minister of Fort Worth. He was assisted by the Rev. O. P. Kiker of the Bowie Methodist Church and the Rev. A. C. Turner of the local Baptist church. Services were extreme in their simplicity.

The Rev. Patrick D. Moreland, private secretary to the Governor, spoke brief words of comfort to the family.

Burial was in Elmwood Cemetery, on a hill near Bowie, Mrs. Stokes' girlhood home. the funeral procession, which formed in a light rain, was more than two miles long.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 Mar 1936


US Highway 80, not 86

Please correct "United States Highway No. 86" to "United States Highway No. 80" in the article. US Highway 80 is the highway that runs east-west through Mineola and Crow.