Lockney, TX Drowning, Oct 1926

Two Brothers Drown in Lake Near Lockney

By The Associated Press.

Lockney, Texas, Oct. 9 – MARTIN ALLEN, 18 and FRED ALLEN, 16, brothers, sons of MR and MRS. W. W. ALLEN, who reside on a farm five miles north of here, were drowned shortly after noon Saturday in the Allen Brown lake, near their home.

The ALLEN boys, in company with MELVIN WALTERS and a younger brother, WOODROW ALLEN, had started on a raft ride across the lake and upon reaching the center of the expanse of water the elder Allen boy decided to take a swim at a depth of a foot or so over his head. As he plunged into the water it became apparent that he was stricken with cramps and his younger brother took to the water to aid him. In the struggle which followed both boys were drowned.

The two survivors propelled the raft to the bank and made known the tragedy and more than ??? local people joined in the search for the bodies. FRANK JONES and HERBERT NICHOLS, Lockney, brought the bodies to the surface after they had been located within eighteen inches of each other.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 10 Oct 1926