Deport, TX Tornado, Apr 1908

Paris, Tex.----Twenty-five residences of Deport, a town 20 miles southeast of Paris, were destroyed by a hurricane this evening. The cotton oil mill. Baptist and Presbyterian churches were demolished. W.R. Isbell a druggist, was crushed to death in his residence when it collapsed.

The Indiana Democrat, Indiana, PA 29 Apr 1908




Deport, Lamar County---Twenty-five residences destroyed; W. R. Isbell, a druggist, killed. Number of people injured. Flood from creek interferes with work of aiding victims. Number of business houses damaged.

Special To The News.

PARIS, Tex., April 23.----Twenty-five residences, practically the eastern half of Deport, a town twenty miles southeast of Paris, were destroyed by a hurricane about 6 o'clock this evening, the cotton oil mill, Baptist and Presbyterian Churches suffering a like fate.

W. R. Isbell, a druggist, was crushed to death in his residence when it collapsed to death in his residence when it collapsed, his wife and four children saving themselves by running to the stormhouse.

Others known to be injured, though not fatally, are Capt. George I. Terrell and wife, G. G. Baughu, E. P. Sullivan, wife and son. All these have broken arms or legs and painful bruises.

The storm came up the valley from the southwest, cutting a path several hundred yards wide. It did not last long and there was little if any electricity. It swept away houses of cards. The town is divided by a creek and the heavy rain overflowed it and retarded the work of helping the injured by those who escaped.

No business houses were destroyed, but, several were badly damaged, only the edge of the storm reaching them. Among them are the Deport Chronicle, U. L. Jolly, editor; Cunningham's dry goods store, Shuman's blacksmith shop, Daniel's restaurant the Cash Store and postoffice, W. I. Lawler, proprietor and postmaster. These were blown from the blocks or the sides partly caved in. Damage to houses and stocks can not be estimated tonight.

Deport is an inland town, the best of the kind in this section, and has a population of 500. This is the third storm the town has experienced in recent years, though no fatalities occurred before.

Oak Grove, a town in the edge of Red River County, east of Clarksville, was struck by a storm about the same time and several houses there were destroyed and people hurt, but no fatalities are reported. Wires are down and no particulars can be had from there tonight.

Many people at Deport were saved by being in the stormhouses. Nearly every family there has one of these useful refugees.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 24 Apr 1908