Putnam, TX Hail Storm, Apr 1893

Hail Crashed Through Roofs.

PUTNAM, Callahan Co., Tex., April 29-At 7:30 yesterday evening a heavy cloud gathered in the northwest, passing five miles north of Putnam. In the northwest an abundance of rain fell but as the cloud traveled east it gathered force and the rain was accompanied by heavy hail, causing considerable damage to crops and dwellings.

Northeast of Putnam the ponderous hailstones crashed through the roofs of houses. Further east the storm developed into a tornado and reports received here indicate that the town of Cisco, fourteen miles east of Putnam, was destroyed and that the loss of life is appalling.

Many citizens of Putnam have gone to Cisco to render such assistance as may be needed.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 30 Apr 1893