San Antonio, TX Two Car Headon Crash, Mar 1967


San Antonio, Tex. (UPI) - Ten persons were fatally injured Friday when a station wagon crammed with 15 members of two families and heading home after a church meeting collided head-on with another auto.
The wreck tied the mark for the worst auto smashup in Texas history.
The smashup occurred on U.S. Highway 80 on San Antonio's south side, just after midnight.
"Kids were lying everywhere," a witness said.
Nine of the victims were: REV. PEDRO DE LA CRUZ, 37; his wife, BERTHA, 30; and their sons, SAMMY, 9; and PETER, 15, all of Pleasanton, Tex.; REV. PABLO JIMINEZ, 33; MRS. JIMENEZ, 33; and their children PAUL, JR., 13; NAOMI, 12; and ERNEST, 11. All lived in San Antonio, but the JIMENEZ' church was in Carrizo Springs, Tex.
The other victim was the occupant of the other vehicle, GENOVIO VILLARREAL, in his late 20's, of San Antonio.
Injured were five de la Cruz children, and one Jimenez child.
De la Cruz was pastor of the First Baptist mission at Pleasanton and Jimenez had a church in Carrizo Springs. They were at the Leon Theatre in Pleasanton Thursday night to help with the showing of the church-sponsored movie "The Restless Ones."
When it was over, the de la Cruz family offered to drive the Jimenezes home to San Antonio.
R. L. Parsons, 24, was just ahead of the station wagon.
"As the second (oncoming) car met me, he started veering into my lane," Parsons said. "I knew the station wagon was behind me and I knew what was going to happen."
"I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw the Chevy crash into the station wagon. I stopped, ran back, and tried to give aid. Kids were lying everywhere."

The Times Recorder Zanesville Ohio 1967-03-25