Plainview, TX Two Auto And Truck Crash, Jun 1973


Plainview, Tex. (AP) - Eight persons, at least seven of whom were members of the same family, died Saturday afternoon in a collision involving two cars and a truck at the intersection of U.S. 87 and Interstate 27 south of this West Texas city.
The victims all were passengers in one of the cars.
Seven of the dead were identified as MRS. MARIA CAVILLO, 43; her daughter, ESTELLA CAVILLO, 9; four sons, JOSE CAVILLO, 16; ALBERT CAVILLO, 6; JUAN CAVILLO, 20; DANIEL CAVILLO, 13; and a granddaughter, MARIA GUADALUPE PERALES, 1.
The eight victim, believed to be another family member, is a woman about 20 years old.
The victims, members of the Pedro Garcia Cavillo family, lived at Five Point Gin, between Seagraves and Seminole in Gaines County. They reportedly had driven to Plainview looking for work and were on their way back south.
All were Mexican nationals except for MRS. CAVILLO who was born in Brownfield.
One of the bodies was thrown from the vehicle, the other victims found death crushed and mangled inside the vehicle.
"Some of them were almost beyond recognition, their bodies torn up," said a newsman at the scene.
The drivers of the second car and the truck suffered minor injuries and were taken to the Plainview Hospital.
Officers said the bodies of the victims also were taken to the hospital for identification.
Police said at least two of the dead were children.
Officers said the car was southbound and it collided with the truck coming on U.S. 87. Then it hit the second car.
The victims' car spun several times and stopped right side up on the shoulder of the road a short distance from the point of impact.
The truck's front end collapsed, and its wheels fell from under it.
"The car was all twisted up," a newsman at the scene said. "Even the top of the engine was ripped off by the force of the impact. Firemen had to struggle to extricate the bodies from the car."

The Odessa American Texas 1973-06-03