Calvert, TX Wind Storm Mar 1897

Many Buildings Unroofed and the Damage Runs Away Up.
Calvert, Tex., March 28.---A terrific wind storm struck this place about 4:30 this afternoon, coming from the southwest, and afterward the storm's course was changed to the northwest, with much greater force. It was accompanied by a heavy rain.
After the storm had subsided to some extent The News reporter went on a tour of inspection, and found the yards and streets of the residence portion of town strewn with trees and iron and tin roofs. The steeple of the Methodist church was blown down, and the large auditorium hall of Mr. J. Bedack was also demolished.
Quite a number of fine dwellings have suffered greatly from chimneys being blown on the roofs, which, in one instance, that of Mr. Joseph A. Foster, crushing in the roof.
A great number of dwellings were damaged.
One dwelling, which contained an old lady and two children, was blown flat to the ground, but no one was hurt.
There is no loss of life reported at this writing.
In the business portion the Grand Central hotel had a portion of it's roof carried away.
Garrett & Co.'s store was unroofed and their stock of goods badly damaged by water.
The roof of I. Oscar's store and the Odd Fellows' building were torn off. Oscar's stock of goods was damaged.
E. H. Long, in the Odd Fellows' building, will suffer a heavy loss from water.
The whole front of a row of frame storehouses was blown away.
The roof and chimneys of the city public school were entirely destroyed.
The damage can not yet be estimated, but it will be over $100,000. People living here for twenty-five years say they never witnessed such a fearful storm before. A heavy rain continued after the wind storm. All telephone and electric wires are down, and the telegraph lines are also down.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Mar 1897