Kingsville, TX Head On Auto Crash, Feb 1955


Kingsville, Tex. (AP) - Six persons were killed early Sunday night when two cars crashed head-on near a big celanese plant about three miles north of here.

Four Others Were Injured.
Kingsville is a gulf coast city 30 miles southwest of Corpus Christi.
Officers worked late to complete identification of the mangled victims. Conflicting reports came from several sources.
State Highway Patrolman Lester Brown said
"partial identification from papers found on the bodies" indicated the following three men were killed:
BUDDY JO STANFORD, 23, Bishop, Tex.;
SILVERLO GONZALEZ, 27, from the nearby King ranch;
Brown said the bodies of three women had not been identified.
A boy described as 4 or 5 years old was admitted to Kleberg County Hospital. He was believed to be the son of BILLY BREESE, 28, Corpus Christi, also in the hospital. BREESE had been reported dead in an early casualty report from the hospital. Others in the hospital were JESUS CASTILLO and JESUS ESCOBEDO, both of the King Ranch.
Brown said the accident occurred in the center lane of a three-lane highway. He said it was impossible to tell which persons were driving and in which cars the dead and injured were riding.

Long Beach Independent California 1955-02-21