Indianola, TX Storm, Sept 1886


GALVESTON, TEXAS, Sept. 24, 1886. -- The equinoctial storm set in last night.  The wind reached the velocity of a gale at points on the lower coast.  Galveston seems to have been on the outer edge of the storm circuit, as the highest velocity here was thirty-two miles an hour at three o'clock this morning, while Indianola recorded fifty miles.  As morning advanced, the wind decreased.  Torrents of rain fell during the night and it is still pouring.  The storm has resulted in no damage here.  Communication with Indianola was cut off this morning.

New York Herald, NY 25 Sept 1886


Indianola, Tex., Threatened With Total Destruction by Wind and Rain.


A Heavy Storm Reported and Indianola in Great Danger Again.

GALVESTON, TEX., Sept. 23. -- Unusually heavy rains have visited this section during the past forty-eight hours.  The rainfall continues to-night, but no disastrous results are apprehended, as low tides have prevailed. Further down the gulf coast, however, a heavy storm seemed to be raging, as indicated by the following, received late to-night:

"VICTORIA, TEX., Sept. 23. -- Telegrams from Indianola are to the effect that a heavy storm is raging there.  The wind is reported at fifty miles an hour, and the streets are three feet under water.  Efforts are in progress to remove the few inhabitants still there to higher ground.  The telegraph operator has removed his office to a box car four miles this side of Indianola. No loss of life is anticipated, and as but little remains there in the way of property no serious damage is likely to occur.

Kansas City Times, Kansas City, MO 24 Sept 1886

Indianola had been devastated by a hurricane a month earlier: