Canyon, TX West Texas Normal School Fire, Mar 1914

tx-canyon-west-tx-state-normal-fire-mar1914 Canyon, Texas Normal School Fire 1914

In speaking of the big mass meeting which was held shortly after the fire News says:
"Temporary convenience" is the way President Cousins put the matter of the burning of the Normal building, at the great mass meeting of the students and citizens at the court house yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Optimism was the keynote of his masterly address before the audience. He spoke full of faith and that the Board of Regents for Normal schools and Governor Colquitt would quickly replace the building with one wholly fireproof and as beautiful as the one burned yesterday.

Member of the Board of Regents, Hon. W. H. Fuqua of Amarillo, addressed the meeting and stated that the board would "do what was right."

The entire school board from Amarillo came to offer whatever they had in their schools to the faculty in order that the work might not stop.

Hereford sent a delegation from her schools to express sympathy and to assure the faculty that anything they had in their schools was at Normal's disposal.

Citizens of the city opened every church and available building for the use of the students and pledged their undying faith and support to the institution, faculty and student body.

Telegrams are pouring in from all over the state expressing sadness at the loss of the building."
The paper also states that at a mass meeting of the students held the day following the fire, each was present signed a petition asking the Governor to issue deficiency warrants to replace the building in order that the work might go on uninterrupted.

The students also voted to forfeit the $2 book fee which was deposited with Secretary Shaw to go to the library fund for new books. A movement is also on foot to access each student $1 to help rebuild the library at once.

According to the Randall News every vacant room in the business part of the city is in the hands of the Normal faculty and classes will be arranged in these to meet the present conditions.
The court house was turned over to the faculty as was all of the churches, the lodge rooms were also offered.

Another item in the News states that as soon as word reached Amarillo that the Normal building was afire, the fire department started with their auto fire truck and made the run of 18 miles in 32 minutes. The mayor of Canyon has appointed committees to draft resolutions of thanks to the fire department.

Cleburne Morning Review, Cleburne, TX 31 Mar 1914