Huntsville, TX Two Truck Collision, Jun 1938


Huntsville, June 2 - (AP) - Three persons were killed and a fourth was critically injured tonight when two trucks collided and burned eight miles south of here on the Houston highway.
The dead:
DR. W. M. RUSH, 50, veterinarian for the Texas prison system.
S. E. ABLES, of Houston, driver of an oil truck.
An unidentified man riding with ABLES.
DEWEY FOWLER, 34 year old convict trusty serving a 99 year sentence for murder from Tarrant County, was critically injured.

Blast Follows Crash.
Investigators said two women, Mrs. W. O. Dean of Corpus Christi, and Miss Derlys McDonald of Huntsville, reported they started to turn off the road toward Houston when the oil truck swerved and struck the back of their machine, flipping it in a half-circle so that it faced the opposite direction.
The woman said that the accident unnerved them and they drove immediately to Huntsville.
Officers theorized that FOWLER, who was driving DR. RUSH back to the penitentiary, was unable to avoid the oil truck after it had struck the woman's car.
The oil truck and the light penitentiary truck both plunged into a ditch. An explosion at the moment of impact tossed the cab of the larger vehicle about 70 feet.

Abilene Reporter News Texas 1938-06-03